EMC’s Guru U | Rebranding User Group Event Series


Create excitement and a must-attend vibe for annual user group events around the world

Create a relevant brand that connects with audience and apply it consistently across all deliverables

Make the registration experience more streamlined for users and more efficient for event organizers


Rename user group event series

Establish a clear brand hierarchy to reflect EMC, this division’s new “umbrella” brand, and their user group event series

Create promotional email campaign driving attendees to registration page

Branded registration page and city-specific sub-pages for easy sign-up

Support with branded event collateral and giveaways

Interactive, step-by-step Event-in-a-Box guide so local resellers can easily mount their own user group events


Reached 2,200 customers across 56 cities

Attendee satisfaction of 96%

$540M of influenced revenue