What we do

    Authentic, Innovative B2B Communication.

    We deliver clear and effective digital connections between your brand and your employees, partners and customers. Our mission is to be an extension of your team providing authentic, innovative communication solutions.

    All that digital stuff out there can get pretty complex, so to harness the power of brand and digital for optimal business impact, we provide:

    Audience Engagement

    The digital landscape is crowded, and grabbing attention requires innovation. Our solution-oriented team takes a programmatic approach that connects the dots to drive business and build relationships through authentic connections. Everything we do targets individual action and lasting impact, whether we are driving demand, building communities, or creating thought leadership.

    Nimble Design

    Need it yesterday? To accommodate our clients’ expanding need for quick-turn digital content, our Design Bureau has offered a rapid response model for the production of digital assets for more than seven years. We’ve streamlined the design and execution process to give you direct access to our network of digital artists who create everything from banners to info-graphics – from icons to keynote presentations.

    How we do it

    With versatility, flexibility, strong project leadership and the occasional mai tai.

    We are defined by the ever-changing needs of our clients and the work we do for them. Our hub-and-spoke production model allows us to leverage our centralized project management expertise (hub) to custom build teams (spokes) that deliver what our clients want quickly and cost-effectively. Whether you want us robust enough to deliver strategy or ego-less enough to get the small stuff done, we strive to be a seamless extension of your team.

    What we've done

    We help clients achieve remarkable differentiation and measurable impact.

    Who we are

    We are problem solvers, straight shooters, creatives, designers, technologists.

    In Hawaiian culture people believe words have the power to transform. The word “mahalo” means thank you and at the deepest level is a show of deep respect and praise.

    In the digital realm the right words and symbols have the power to transform – from confusion to clarity, indifference to engagement, cusp to community, ignorant to informed, from lost to sold!

    Mahalo has the power to transform empty marketing transactions into lasting relationships – even respect and admiration for a company, product or service. We bring the mahalo spirit of admiration, praise and esteem to the forefront of the relationships between our clients and their customers.